Linkin Park Live in Manila 2013!

Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines, August 13, 2013 – rock band Linkin Park owned the spotlight and etched a memory to every fan’s minds how it really is to showcase talent and hold a great performance.

As a part of the band’s Living Things Tour 2013, a stop to the Philippines is anticipated noting that it’s been almost a decade since they last claimed the country’s stage. Fans counted the days. And when it came, fans started to gather and line up outside of the Arena with pounding hearts and great anticipation for a very special event that’s soon to unfold.

It was past 6pm when the fans were all systematically allowed to enter. Marching happily onto their designation sections, the excitement continue to grow. It is notable that there are fans from the older generation. Fans in their late thirties to early forties didn’t let the chance slip to watch their favorite band. They came one after the other donning their office attires. With their files and stacks of envelopes in their arms, they locate their designated seats and waited for the show to begin.

Front act Urbandub then do the honors of heating up the night. Each of the song they play only made it closer and closer to the main reason why thousands of rock music enthusiasts gather that night.

“We’re going to make this quick, since we all know that it’s Linkin Park we all came here for!” Was Gab Alipe, Urbandub’s vocalist and guitarist said right before singing their first song. Fans cheered and sang along. They played their most popular songs like Soul Searching and First of Summer, and some songs from their new album which, according to Gab, is gaining the upperhand on iTunes. No surprises there. Just like any other Urbandub song, the songs they chose to play for the night are beautifully arranged melodies and artistically written lyrics that Gab’s ear-pleasant voice gave life to.

When Urbandub left the stage, fans started cheering wild. Everyone went the wildest when little by little, instruments were carried and placed systematically on stage to prepare for the night’s main event.

A familiar song intro came live and everyone was on their feet bouncing and jumping, their hands held high, screaming and readying themselves to sing along to the familiar words. From the moment the first note was sung, it’s almost unbelievable how thousands of voices sang along. The chorus of voices from everywhere made the whole experience even more special. And the fact that Chester’s voice that didn’t change a note from their recorded albums made each fans ecstatic. It’s almost unbelievable how he can reach and sing every words of each song perfectly as though he hasn’t been singing for almost half an hour, jumping, running, and interacting with fans.

It’s beastly! And that word may still be an understatement, but there is not one fan that wasn’t smiling and in awe when the whole thing was finished.

It’s a quarter past 9pm when Linkin Park stepped on the stage and made a great mark in the music industry in the sense of live performances. They played hit and favorite song one after the other with intervals of a millisecond. After the last note of the last song, they would immediately jump to the first note of the next song. And so, fans were in awe how the band can sustain their energy and perform flawlessly at the same time.

Finally, they took a few minutes of break and fans started handing out papers saying “Come back soon!” with Linkin Park’s logo on it. The band acknowledged the sign and said that they would try to come back the soonest. The message made everyone excited and started to wait for that time to come quick.

If you’re asking for a highlight of the event, there is none. From the moment they stepped on that stage, until they took their final bows when the clock struck 11pm, every moment was surreal and magical. Every second was special that trying to pick just one is going to be almost impossible.

Drumsticks were thrown out, and the band waved their goodbyes which left the fans wanting more! The mood after the concert was so festive and full of promises than when Linkin Park would come back to do another show in the Philippines, that night’s same crowd is going to be there, probably tagging along some more friends with the promise that the band can greatly exceed any expectations.


Personally speaking, Living Things Tour is the best concert I have attended so far. Sure, Deftones and Korn are great acts as well for the lack of a better word to describe their performances which I have been fortunate to witness and enjoy. Blame it on me being a bigger fan of Linkin Park to say this, but the band just blew me away. I know that they would be awesome live, but I hadn’t expected them to be that a-oh-some! It’s almost unreal how Chester can hit those notes without altering some to make it easier for him to sing them. Let’s admit it, there are acts who would do that. Lower down the tune and won’t bother sustaining the long notes of the song when they perform it live.

Believe me when I say that it’s almost like listening to the record, vocals wise, which made it amazing! But the thought of being there, witnessing this event unfold right in front of your eyes, seeing them work hard to perform in front of the thousands of people supporting them and loving their music, watching them so taken with their craft and love for what they do, and simply watching Chester and Mike sing and rap every word of my favorite LP songs live is enough to convince me that I am indeed witnessing one of the greatest music act in my young life!

If I can raise my two other thumbs, I would just to show how much I enjoyed the performance. Song after song, I would catch myself clapping until my palms hurt, screaming until my throat is hoarse. I would’ve jumped up and down if I don’t fear for the worst case scenario considering the steep and narrow standing space MOA Arena allows.

You can’t blame me. Those are songs I have been listening to and grown to love for years being sung live by the great artists themselves! I certainly had a great time singing i.e screaming along (hah!). Though from time to time, I would just let my lips sing along and marvel at Chester’s wonderful wonderful voice. It’s so perfect that hearing it live automatically brought huge smiles on my face that lingered and never wore off. And the memory of it as I type this brings back that smile. :)

It’s unreal, I tell you. You have to be there to fully grasp what I have been blabbering about. Haha!

I was so engrossed in the whole performance that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my watch and saw that it’s already 11pm! The boys are taking their final bows and waving goodbye to fans by this time which made me care to check the time. I am so convinced that it’s too early for them to be saying goodbye. Yeah, they performed many favorite songs, but I feel as though there are a lot more on their set list and I am still waiting to hear them. It felt like they played so many songs to make me believe that it’s truly the ending, but the list of many more great Linkin Park songs yet to be sung convinced me otherwise. I want more!!!

We, my friend Juv and I walked out of there with me saying “Ang galing! Ang galing talaga!” every three seconds. Haha! Juv almost regretted not counting how many times I said those words until we part ways two hours later. Talk about an amazed fan out here! Haha!

I remembered that it was an ordinary day. I was listening to songs in my music player. A Linkin Park song played but I forgot which. Then I said, “’Pag pumunta Linkin Park dito, manonood talaga ‘ko. Kahit mag-isa.” With a smile on my face. Don’t be surprised about this. Talking and smiling, even laughing to myself is normal. Don’t be weirded out and deem yourself briefed when you caught me in the act. Haha!

Weeks after that, the news about them coming to Manila for a tour was announced. And I know that I would regret it big time if I don’t come and see them perform. That’s when Juv tweeted me and asked if I’m watching. I said yes, and we bought our tickets immediately. Hah!

Truly, watching Linkin Park perform live, and experience it along with so many other fans felt so good and right. The only regret I have is that I didn’t bring my brothers along.

Now if you’re a fan and you missed this, be sure to come when they come back to showcase yet another great performance. Linkin Park Living Things Asia Tour 2013 is equally synonymous to AWESOME!

the crowd before the concert. i didn’t bother taking any more photos when the whole thing started. hah! i’m there to enjoy the night after all! and enjoy it to the max is what i did! ^__^

Click this for the complete set list!

Xerlynjoy Lanaza

'Till Death Do Us Part (Account: Pulp Summer Slam 13)

Following the tradition of attending the annual Pulp Summer Slam, my brother and I along with a good friend of mine marched to the venue last April 27, 2013.

It’s as we always anticipated and expected to see. Black-clad people, music lovers, and rock event enthusiasts.

I and my friend Maget came in early because we wanted to see Chicosci’s stage which I missed last year. And so, we are truly excited and happy when we came in and saw that the band is still setting their instruments up.

Scanning for that familiar face on the stage, I quickly recognized Miggy! I’m really happy to watch them play live again. Though I have been off the path from listening to their songs, Chicosci has a special place in my heart. To me, they’re the band who opens the gate of attending gigs and enjoying it. So, they are going to stay special no matter what.

Next came Philia. When I first watched them, I was like, her voice needed a lot more improving. And so, I was really surprised, happy, and in awe when she rocked the stage that afternoon. Talk about improving her voice, she did more than that. Applause!

It was their stage when the heavens turned sour and started to rain. We are in line to buy the event shirt and so we were just crying our hearts out when Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus stole the limelight. Damn, they are one of the bands I am so anticipating to watch that day.

He started singing ‘Rain rain go away’ in his unique and unmistakably Mr. Bones voice and Maget and I started screaming like mad!

We’re drenched by this time so the idea of leaving the line is out of the question. We just sing our hearts out when they played ‘Frankenstein’s Bride’ and made a promise to watch them when they played in a bar. So much for seeing him that day. *sigh*

Was it supposed to be Amoral’s stage next? I didn’t get to know. All I know is that the concert was paused because the equipments and instruments suffer the same fate as us. They took a break for an hour which we used to try and dry ourselves with the sun finally smiling down at us. Hello sickness indeed.

When the show commenced, A Skylit Drive was introduced. Not sure if they have the same vocalist as when I was listening to their songs years ago. Somehow, that voice was a little different. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying their stage. They’re good alright! And I don’t say this just because the main man is topless and is showcasing his toned muscles to everyone, okay. They’re really good.

Next came Circa Survive.  Don’t know them but there are people in front who sang along to their songs. The funny thing about them though is that the vocalist kept saying, “Thank you for being kind to us”, and “Thank you for paying attention to us.” Must be his way of saying, “Well, at least you’re not throwing anything to us, it’s obvious you’re not enjoying us that much.” Well, if that’s the case, thank you Mister, for being kind to us. :3

DragonForce. Wow! Just wow! Out of all the bands that played that night, it was DragonForce which sent everyone on their feet dancing and jumping along. I didn’t expect to enjoy their stage that much. I mean, I’ve heard their songs and immediately dismissed them because they sound so generic and they only sing clean notes (trans: no screaming, no growling).

It’s crazy how the crowd received them. And it’s equally crazy how they seem not to expect to receive that much attention as well. I don’t know any of their songs, but it’s fun how the band made us all dancing to the beat, and imitating the vocalist’s high pitched notes just for the fun of it. Haha!

They’re so good that it feels like a sin not to jump and dance along with their every song. Yup. They’re that good. Must be the magic of the beer and the darkness of the night, but yeah, I love DragonForce that night.

            Coheed and Cambria is one of the bands I came there for. And it’s a little sad to say that I was disappointed. When they stepped on the stage and people saw that unmistakable big head of curly hair, the crowd started cheering and screaming. They played songs people recognize and love.

His voice is as you hear when you listen to the CD, MP3, or watch their videos on YT. That could be good, but it’s also bad. Why? Because as they stood there, it’s as though I am listening to their CD in full volume. It’s like they’re not physically there. Maybe because he’s playing the guitar that’s why he can’t connect to the crowd more, or was he jetlagged, tired, sick of the heat, I don’t know.

            As I Lay Dying. Synonymous to Monsters! Wow! This band really defines metal! It’s like they literally breathe and sweat metal. That’s how good they are with their craft.

You want some visuals? Try imagining The Undertaker singing in front of you. Nah! Just kidding!

Now, we’re used to seeing rock stars banging their head while performing. But have you watched someone who does bang his head while growling? Who screams and sings while jumping up and down without missing a beat? I told you, MONSTER!

            Cannibal Corpse. Death is not my kind of metal but I’d be a hypocrite if I don’t commend their talent. If we have As I Lay Dying to head bang while singing, we have here a man who can continue head banging throughout the whole time he’s not singing. Count it by your fingers how much time they alot for instrumentals, that’s the time he’s been whipping his hair back and forth. IN.SANE!

Hands down. Especially to the lead guitarist. Wow!

            Finally it was Kamikazee’s turn. I was spent by this time and just dreaming of lying on my bed. Cannibal Corpse is the type of music you’d want to bring home, play in full volume, shut the whole world out and dive into a deep slumber.

But even it’s like that, Kamikazee as always, have their magic of pulling everyone on their feet and enjoy the crazy that is Jay Contreras. That man is crazy. Everyone ended up laughing their sanity off with every stunt he pulls.

My throat is sore, my voice is course, I can feel flu taking over my system but yeah, it’s no fun not singing along to their anthems.

            Amoral came next but we already have our backs turned, anticipating the next Summer Slam. Good night!

Preview: Mr Bones and Philia’s vocalist sharing the stage during Frankenstein’s Bride.

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This is an accurate depiction of the differences between male friendships and female friendships.



Peeping Through

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Done by Nate Click at Black Anvil Tattoos in Indiana

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Five facts about reading:


Fact 1: Reading can make you a better conversationalist.

Fact 2: Neighbours will never complain that your book is too loud.

Fact 3: Knowledge by osmosis has not yet been perfected. You’d better read.

Fact 4: Books have stopped bullets - reading might save your life.

Fact 5: Dinosaurs didn’t read. Look what happened to them.

Fact 6: It helps relieve insomnia. Not convinced? Go read Shakespeare! :)


Introducing Tim Seggerman

A talented architect from Brooklyn, NYC, Tim has taken a previously cluttered and cramp house and has transformed it into a beautiful, cabin-like, space.


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theory of non-verbal communication..

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Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire

best and all time favorite vampire movie ever!!